[App] Pebble WatchApp: Watch Score

So I got a Pebble Steel smartwatch. It’s pretty cool, and it does some basic stuff with the help of your phone, such as track your speed via gps,  send pre-configured messages, show weather, or play simple games.

I decided to develop an app for mine to keep track of my Sopio score (A simple card game that’s really fun). There were a few score trackers out there, but not many that allowed you to change increments or go into negatives.

I’ve never really done much programming in C before (I mostly use Java and C#), so it took a little getting used to, but I managed to create the app in less than a day, so I figure that’s a pretty awesome accomplishment.

If you have a pebble and want to download this app, open the pebble appstore app and search ‘Watch Score’.

here is a link to the app store listing: https://apps.getpebble.com/applications/544d0b82a88ad34fc800006c

Watch Score


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