[Blog] 2014 to Now


So I figured I wanted to write a few blog posts to go over what I’ve been doing since the start of 2014, which is when my life started changing in some fairly big ways.

To start off, in late January to early February I went on holiday for my 24th birthday. I visited my friends Jemal & Sara in Port Hedland for mine and their daughter’s birthday. Port Hedland was quite a nice place but outside it was like a furnace, so most of the time was spent indoors with air-conditioning. Port Hedland was my first experience in a mining town, and I thought it was really small and isolated (how wrong I was, I’ll talk about another mining town in a future post).
There’s a shopping center with Kmart and a supermarket so it’s pretty decent. Me and Jemal (mostly Jemal) made an awesome Winnie the Pooh cake for his daughter’s first birthday. Sometime before my holiday I decided I my next move should be to move to Perth to find IT work. I had been wanting to move to a capital city for ages, and I had my eye on Brisbane for a while, but it all sounded too difficult, however I have family in Perth, so it works out to be easier. While I was on holiday in Port Hedland I applied for a transfer to Perth through woolies, so I could be sure I had a job to go to if I moved, and I got a call for an interview with the Morely Galleria Woolworths  while I was still there.

Sorry about the photo layout, I’ve been trying for over an hour to find a simple thumbnail carousel that works, to no avail.

After visiting Port Hedland I flew down to Perth for my niece’s 21st birthday. The rest of my family was there as well and we had a pretty good night. One of the days we went to Rottnest Island, which is one of my favorite places in the world, as I have awesome memories of it from childhood. We rented bikes and rode all over the island, up steep hills and across shallow salty causeways and down the hills again (at tremendous speed 😀 ). I always associate the smell of rosemary with rottnest island for some reason, which is why it’s my favorite herb.

I had my interview with the Morley woolworths and got the job, so I was officially moving to Perth. I also had an interview with the closer Ellenbrook woolworths, where my niece works. We went to Adventure world for the day and had an awesome time riding waterslides and rollercoasters. It seems strange to have a waterpark with rollercoasters, as you end up going on rollercoasters while soaking wet, which just seems odd.

I had to get a new car if I was going to move to perth, as it was not gonna be worth sending my old car over from Cairns. If I was moving to Brisbane, the plan was to just drive it down, as it’s not too far. I looked around a lot trying to decide on what car I wanted. I really wanted a small white car, with at least 4 doors, and I ended up with a new shiny blue Suzuki Alto 2013 with less than 20kms on it for $11,500. I left my car in Perth while I returned home to organize all my stuff to be sent across.

I left Queensland in march to start my new life in Perth, which I will tell you about in a future blog post.


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