[Blog] Moving to Perth (March to December 2014)

Ok, so last time I bought a new car, and got a job in Perth. I had my last shift in my old store in Mossman Woolworths, just a month before they were to open a brand new store, and flew across to live with my sister Kea. I was trying hard to organize my transfer to Ellenbrook, so I didn’t have to work in Morely, but I wasn’t getting a solid ‘Yes, you have the job’ answer, so I was a bit stressed. Finally they let me know I got the job, and I ended up telling Morley that I wasn’t even moving to Perth. ­čśŤ
I started work at the new store in the Longlife department (some stores call it grocery, it’s pretty much night fill during the day), which at first I found very hard and confusing. Eventually I got some shifts in deli, but by then my longlife manager didn’t want to let me go, so I ended up alternating between deli and longlife. After a short while, I found longlife to be very easy and relaxing. Time went by really fast, and I didn’t have to deal with as many arsehole customers :D, in comparison to deli, where we had lots of annoying customers, but plenty of staff so there were a lot of times when you got really bored. I had a crazy lesbian boss in deli who would lose her shit at number 69 on the queue thing, and a bunch of pretty cool coworkers. That’s probably enough about work.

I bought a new desk, and chair and finally the rest of my stuff arrived after a couple weeks in Perth.┬áIn June I got a job interview with Australian Finance Group in the city, so I had to buy a suit for the occasion. In the interview when they asked about what my plans were for the next five years, I said that eventually I want to be able to move back home, and work from there. Probably not the best thing to say to the interviewers, but I hadn’t thought of a five year plan, I mean honestly who does that? So I just said what I truly wanted, and it was at that point that I realized, I didn’t really want to live in Perth anymore. I wanted to move back home to the tropics. I was still gonna give it a go for a few more months.

For Kea’s birthday party, Mum came up to┬ásurprise her, and I organized a ‘make your own sundae’ bar, by hiring a soft serve machine for the day.┬áJune in Perth was the coldest time I’ve ever experienced in Australia. It is nice to be abler to wear warm clothes, but on one morning, my car was covered in ice. This was something I had never seen before, and I had no idea what to do. It was so cold, that I wore thermals under my clothes at work and usually wore a singlet when it wasn’t as cold. We visited Bell’s Rapids, which was a really nice little stream nearby where we lived, check out the pictures.

In July we went home for a holiday, for grandma’s 80th I think. All the family came up to our house in Wonga and we had a nice family get-together. We visited my Auntie Laurie’s farm, where I got the best profile picture which is a selfie with a goat ­čśŤ . We also went to the circus that happened to be in town, and the Mako Track, GoKart place in mareeba, which is really fun. After all that we flew back to Perth, and resumed city life.

I did a bit of skating around Ellenbrook on my rollerblades while I was there. The nice thing about that place, is all the parks and footpaths, so there’s plenty of room to ride. Sometimes I would skate all the way to work, which is usually a 7 minute drive, and one time I came soaring down a hill at a ridiculous speed and with no breaks to stop me, or trees or poles to grab onto, I ended up riding right onto the road before crashing into a bush on the other side. Thank god there were no cars on the road at the time, The plates on my wrist guard were very scratched up from scraping along a wall trying to slow myself down. It’s at that point I realized there was a way to go under the hill through a short tunnel.

In October I got a new 55″ 3d TV and a Pebble smartwatch. The TV screen is pretty good, but the interface is just rubbish. I bought a 10m hdmi cable to hook it up to my pc so I could play games in 3d on it. I made an app for my watch (which I posted about on this site previously) to keep track of my sopio score, which was a fun card game I bought. We hosted an awesome halloween party for Phil’s birthday, and we decorated the house with loads of halloween decorations. In the main entry hallway we had a smoke machine setup with my subwoofer playing spooky sound effects that I was controlling with my watch.

The "Wing-wong from goose's brine to wind down the sun!"

The “Wing-wong from goose’s brine to wind down the sun!”

Sometime after halloween I scored another interview with Bankwest to be part of their graduate program. It was a very promising interview, and their offices were amazing, but obviously I didn’t get the job, so that was another point that made me think I wanted to move back home.┬áMy family came up to┬áPerth for Christmas, and we had a pretty good time. There’s this thing that Mum used to tell as kids if we ever asked what our presents were. She would say “A wing-wong from goose’s brine to wind down the sun!”, at least that’s how I heard it. There’s this building we used to drive past a with this picture on it. That’s what I thought she meant when she said that as a kid. Just look at that logo, it does look like a net around a sun. Maybe she made it up on the spot when she saw that, I dunno.

After Christmas I decided I wanted to have a holiday back in queensland for my 25th birthday. I’ll tell you about that in a future blog post.


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