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I thought I’d give an update on my project, DreigonPOS, a point of sale program for cafes. I’ve been working on this alot lately, I’ve implemented excel import and exporting, automatic Deals, and more.

First off I’ll explain the features of DreigonPOS.



Voice Jammer Logo

Try to talk while hearing your own voice at a slight delay!


The Voice Jammer adds a slight delay to the your voice which causes many people to stutter and stumble over their words and ‘jam’ their voice.

This a project I decided to make after hearing about a megaphone shaped device that does the same thing. I found PureData, an audio synthesis API tool that helped me create a delay in audio recording playback which resulted in stuttered speech, and we’re not just talking speech replayed with a stutter, it literally makes you stutter, due to how our brains work somehow. I’m not sure why it works, but I do know the results are hilarious.

You can get the app here from Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dreigon.voicejammer&hl=en


Digital Ocarina Logo

Logo for Digital Ocarina

Play Zelda music and more on the Digital Ocarina Android App. Use your android device as a digital ocarina! Play musical notes by covering the “holes”.


This is my most proud achievement in Android app development. I wanted to create a app similar to Smule’s iOS ocarina app. Seeing as Smule is a bit reluctant to make android apps, (part of me hopes it stays that way, but it looks like that is changing) I seized this opportunity to create the ocarina that I wanted. It was the hardest app to create, and there was a long period where I was unable to get past basic sine wave generation to proper ocarina-like sound wave generation.

Unfortunately I was never able to work out how to create a realistic ocarina sound, so it turned out to be slightly varying sine waves. I discovered a tool later called PureData that allowed me to do audio generation much easier, but haven’t spent the time to integrate it into this app.

The app at the time of posting has reached 68,000 downloads, and made me a few dollars, which go toward buying steam games 😛

Get Digital Ocarina for your android device here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dreigon.ocarina&hl=en

Doomsday Countdown Logo

Doomsday Countdown Logo

Countdown the days, hours, minutes, and seconds to the supposed end of the world, 21th December 2012.
Pixel style artwork made in MS Paint 😀
All this app does is show you the number days, hours, minutes, and seconds until midnight on the 21/12/2012, nothing else

This app was a challenge from my brother to see if I could make an app in the middle of a road trip. I also used this opportunity to test out paid apps. The app is a basic countdown to the so called ‘end of the world’. I decided on a pixelated theme because I was using a netbook, and only had access to MS Paint. Using my phone as a WiFi hotspot I was able to acquire some pixel fonts and then upload the app to the Google Play store.

The App is no longer on the Play store, I took it down a few days before December 21st. I started counting in the negatives once it pasted the date, so there was no use for it anymore. I still keep the source code for making other countdown apps if I want to.